Our trip to the zoo!

After seeing a fabulous weather report, Angie had the grand idea of a trip to the zoo! We decided the best option would be to get out there as soon as they open, 9 am., and stay til 12 so we could hit the coolest part of the day and get Norah home in time for a nap. Emmy (8 mos.) usually naps from 830 to 1030ish so the hope was that she would fall asleep in the car on the long trip to the zoo and be ready for fun when we got there. As fate would have it both Jonah and Emmy fell asleep about 2 minutes before our arrival. I’ve learned that you can almost count on things never going according to plan and just decide now you’re going to roll with it and not care. So we made the best of it by appointing me to guard the cars as the babies got a power nap in and Angie and Gram taking Norah on a walk to “explore”. 🙂 We finally made it in the park around 10 for the hottest part of the day. Turns out it was 100 degrees and cloudy/rainy at 1 pm. Perfect. BUT with sweat pouring and hot little babies we explored the zoo!

The best parts of the day included: hearing Norah (2yrs.) yelling, “WHAT’S UP JUNGLE!?!” over and over again as we wandered through the rainforest, discovering the best sling I’ve tried yet (seven slings), and simply realizing how thankful I am to be home with my daughter to show her all these fun things. I’m also super thankful to have my mom and sister in town so Emmy can grow up close with her Gram, Aunt Angie, and special cousins, Nor-Nor and Jonah-man! She already gets the biggest smile on her face when she sees Norah and loves watching her play!

Here’s a look at our day at the Tulsa Zoo…

P.S. The second we drove away Emmy was out! The second we walked in the door she was up. Ah, so much for two-hour naps today!

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