Meet the bloggers…


We are so excited to begin this mama blog! We hope to make this a catch-all for our day-to-day lives of raising kids, tips and tricks of the trade that we’ve picked up along the way, and a place for other moms to find inspiration and a sense of community. Since having my daughter, Emerson Claire, I’ve found that having other moms to lean on, communicate, and bounce ideas off of is almost essential. My number one friend and mama mentor is my incredible sister, Angie. She has two children, a nursing degree, and a patience beyond me. I can’t count the number of questions I’ve asked her since I found out I was pregnant. For all these reasons I thought it would be fun to start a blog together! Here is a little look into our recent trip to the pumpkin patch… Enjoy!

Smith Family (Jodi, Emmy, Matt)Juarez Family (Angie, Josh, Norah, and Jonah)

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